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The namespace registry is used internally when namespaces are registered. When namespaces are created, the system automatically registers them here. For the user, the focus is more on fetching a namespace.


Get a namespace

A namespace is fetched by its ID:

@Nullable INamespace getNamespace(@NotNull IId aNID);

If you just want to find out if a namespace exists, you can also use this method. A null value here results in false.

boolean exist(@Nullable IId aNID);

Two other methods fetch a list of all registered namespaces or their IDs:

@NotNull INamespace[] getNamespaces();
@NotNull IId[] getNamespaceIDs();

Listener support

Listeners can be registered and deregistered.

void addListener(@NotNull INamespaceListener aListener);
void removeListener(@NotNull INamespaceListener aListener);

Debug support

This method outputs a formatted list of all registered namespaces.

@NotNull String getDump();

A formatted list of all registered namespaces is logged. The logger "de.sillysky.nyssr.impl.namespace.registry.CNamespaceRegistry" in DEBUG level is used.

void dump();

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