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This nano service in the SYSTEM namespace is used to notify newly connected nodes.

  "id": "be125fa3-b4a7-493c-ad9a-5fa1a23be84d",
  "isService": "true",
  "namespaces": "SYSTEM",
  "description": "Notification that a remote node has been added.\nIt is now possible to send messages to the remote node.",
  "slots": [
      "key": "1",
      "name": "REMOTE_NODE",
      "direction": "REQUEST",
      "mandatory": "true",
      "type": "NODE_ADDRESS",
      "description": "The remote node."
      "key": "2",
      "name": "TYPE",
      "direction": "REQUEST",
      "mandatory": "true",
      "type": "STRING",
      "description": "The type of the remote node, see ETypeOfNode."

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