nyssr.net is a distributed system, a platform for JAVA applications and services designed for companies with multiple locations. Services are executed in a decentralized and redundant manner, whether in the cloud, at their physical sites, or even behind firewalls, yet they remain accessible throughout the entire nyssr.net network.

nyssr.net operates as a robust mesh network composed of JAVA nodes connected via TCP channels. As a result, nodes don't need to be publicly exposed, and data sources can be utilized from anywhere they exist.

Simultaneously, the network offers entirely new possibilities for communication, scalability, service distribution, and performance enhancement.

Our advanced object-to-object messaging system significantly enhances communication speed and efficiency across all services. It outperforms conventional methods such as REST, JMS, or AMQP, enabling extensive and rapid data exchange.

You can operate significantly more services, connecting them at much higher speeds. Services can be broken down into much smaller components. Each node can offer hundreds of services, even ones that were previously operated within applications. Communication via open channels between nodes ensures very short latency times. This allows you to easily and conveniently use services across multiple applications, maintaining and deploying them separately from the applications.

Automatic load balancing provides maximum redundancy and fault tolerance. The straightforward expansion of the mesh network by adding nodes offers the scalability you desire. Nodes and services are automatically configured by the network using peer protocols, allowing you to focus on your core tasks.




nyssr.net - Innovative Distributed System