FAQ RemoteSkin

What client renderers are available?

Currently there is only a Swing renderer. Next, a web renderer will appear, in the Google Material Design.

Which features of Swing are supported?

Almost all Swing widgets are supported. The missing widgets (e.g. Inner Frames) will be added later. Also missing are features such as drag-and-drop and accessibility support, as well as support for Java 2D.

How does a RemoteSkin Swing program feel?

Quite normal, like a local swing program. Only a few KBytes of data are transferred to build the UI, much less than an average web page. Only when the latency is very high (ping >400ms), you feel a certain sluggishness.

Are more advanced third party widgets supported?

We are working on it. Manufacturers of Swing widgets can, of course, lend a hand themselves and offer plugins. On the client side, these widgets can be easily registered, they just need to convert the JSON protocol into calls to their own API. The JSON protocol can be extended arbitrarily to support custom features.

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