License, van Gogh is not open source, because we work for 100% on our projects. While we give away non-commercial licenses at no cost, we charge a fee for each commercially used node.


By node we mean any kernel instance that is launched anywhere. These can be stand-alone nodes as well as programs that have embedded the library.

By license we mean permission to use a contained program commercially. The license includes the indication of the licensee as well as the project to which the license belongs. You will receive a license number in the form of a UUID. This UUID is entered in the configuration of a node.

You are obligated as a licensee to display the license number clearly visible in the documentation, online help, about dialog, etc.

Non-commercial licenses

By non-commercial licenses we mean all nodes,

  • which are not performed on the premises of a company
  • that are not run on servers leased by companies in the cloud
  • with which no revenue is generated
  • which are free of charge for the respective end user

You can use free of charge during development and testing as long as the nodes are not used productively. However, it is recommended to purchase at least one license to access the email and forum support.

Non-commercial associations are allowed to operate server nodes without a fee.

Commercial licenses

Commercial licenses are issued for an annual fee per node. The fee depends on the purpose of the node.

Please contact us by sending an e-mail to

The license database

Since we have a direct sales force and licenses are only available through us, the status of the license can be checked by any person. All you have to do is enter the license code on this homepage. This - together with the obligation to display the license numbers in the documentation - will hopefully ensure a high level of licensing so that we can keep prices stable and low. - Innovative Distributed System