Turn your program or service into a node

Any JAVA program can mutate into a nyssr.net node by including the kernel JAR. We've made this easy for you.

JAVA Version

nyssr.net requires JAVA 8 or higher.


The following third-party libraries are used:

Library Vendor Size in KBytes
annotations JetBrains 19
json-simple Google 24

Together, that's just over 40 KBytes (!) of third-party libraries.


The kernel is only 1.2 MByte in size and therefore very fast to load. It includes the messaging core, timers, threads, the namespaces and the logging. All other functionalities, especially networking, are loaded via plugins at start time. The sum of the sizes of the mostly used plugins is together again about 600 KBytes. Including third-party libraries and plugins, about 1.9 MBytes are added to your program.


Since less than 2 MByte have to be loaded in total, the startup process is very fast. A typical node starts in 200ms (from first to last log message). A RemoteSkin client needs a bit more time due to the swing initialization: until the first dialog about 400ms.

These times do not necessarily add up to the startup time of your program, since all code starts concurrently.

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