A TCP server can be destroyed with a message.
This is a nano service in the SYSTEM namespace.

The TCP server can be identified by its ID or by port .

  "id": "b5704abf-f279-4220-8a0d-3d937e7d341e",
  "name": "TCP_DELETE_SERVER",
  "isService": "true",
  "hasOtherSlots": "false",
  "description": "Close and delete a TCP server.",
  "namespaces": "SYSTEM",
  "slots": [
      "key": "1",
      "name": "ID",
      "answer": "false",
      "mandatory": "false",
      "type": "UUID",
      "description": "The server ID."
      "key": "2",
      "name": "PORT",
      "answer": "false",
      "mandatory": "false",
      "type": "INT",
      "description": "The server port, will be taken if the ID is missing."
} - Innovative Distributed System