How do I edit the settings in the JAVA Preferences?

Preferences, van Gogh

The use of JAVA Preferences does not seem to be very common anymore. Thereby this is a very useful library, which is also included in the runtime with JAVA. Unfortunately, the tools around this good framework are correspondingly old.

An editor intended for non-commercial use only (GPL) is the javaprefs editor (prefs-0.8.jar) by Boris Gontar. I have linked the file for download here, since I can no longer find it on the Internet.

Another editor is that of Andreas Bartels. The tool is under the LPGL.

Then there is a tool to export and import preference subtrees from hvqzao. This tool is also for non-commercial use only.

If you know of any other tools, please give me a hint, so I can add it to this list. Use the email michael.hoppe at, or even better the forum.


By the way, here's another good article by Andy Gherna. - Innovative Distributed System