This interface is implemented by the CStringProperties class. Here are included all methods that do not change the objects of the class. The interface is therefore suitable if you want to pass on an object of the class, but do not want to be in danger that the object is changed by the recipient.

For a description of the methods, see CStringProperties.

boolean contains(@NotNull CStringProperties aFilter);

boolean existKey(@NotNull String aKey);

String get(@NotNull String aKey);

String getNormalized(@NotNull String aKey);

String get(@NotNull String aKey,
           @Nullable String aDefault);

String getNormalized(@NotNull String aKey,
                     @Nullable String aDefault);

@NotNull CStringProperties getDoubles(@NotNull IReadOnlyStringProperties aCompare,
                                      boolean aRemove);

@NotNull CStringProperties getExisting(@NotNull IReadOnlyStringProperties aCompare,
                                       boolean aValueFromCompare);

Collection<String> getKeys();

boolean isEmpty();

@NotNull CStringProperties copy();

boolean match(@Nullable IReadOnlyStringProperties aProperties);

int size();

void toStream(@NotNull DataOutput aStream) throws IOException;

void valueToList(@NotNull List<String> aList);

@NotNull String valueToString(); - Innovative Distributed System