List, van Gogh only requires configuration for setting up the network (nodes, connections between nodes, the list of plugins to load). No further configuration is required for the operation of the network (finding local services, network-wide nano- and microservices, applications).

A node saves all settings in the JAVA preferences . JAVA Preferences are very good for our purposes.

But how do the settings get into the Preferences?

Java Preferences can be easily created with a suitable editor. Instructions for doing so can be found here.

For many purposes, however, this is too costly or unsuitable. Think here, for example, of setting up new nodes or nodes in containers.

Another possibility is to provide configuration data in property files. For each configuration node (JAVA preferences are hierarchically organized) a separate property file is used. This procedure is very well suitable, if you have a directory for the configuration files available. It also allows the administrator to quickly set up a whole group of nodes (copy & paste).

For nodes in containers, system environment variables are also evaluated. - Innovative Distributed System