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A new job is added to the Job Engine. The job must implement the interface IJob. The new job will wait in a queue to be used until a slot becomes available in a job thread of the same priority.

This message is sent internally to the Job Engine when the appendJob() method is called. However, it can also be sent to an engine by its owner.

  "id": "3a8ff4c4-dfc8-4bd8-b2b0-29d6b46a13e6",
  "name": "ADD_JOB",
  "isService": "false",
  "namespaces": "",
  "description": "Add a job.",
  "slots": [
      "key": "1",
      "name": "JOB",
      "direction": "REQUEST",
      "mandatory": "true",
      "type": "OBJECT",
      "description": "The Job to add. JAVA type: IJob"
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