How to import files into

To work with files in, two plugins are required.

The NY_FileRegistryPlugIn plugin runs as a singleton on a central node, meaning it is loaded on only one node. It creates the FileRegistry microservice, which is used internally to locate files within

The NY_FileStorePlugIn plugin is loaded on every node that provides or requires files. It manages files in its working directory, which is usually located in the storage directory (storage/FileStore/indexed/). The files are stored in a decentralized manner, so different or identical files may be available in the various FileStores.

To add new files to the index, there's an additional directory named storage/FileStore/incoming/, monitored by the FileStore. Simply copy files or entire directories with subdirectories into this monitored folder.

If the node is running, the new files are immediately added to the index and then removed from the incoming directory. If the node is not running at the time of copying, the files are added when the node starts. Afterward, the files are available network-wide in for download.

Files can be searched for by their relative path to the indexed/incoming directory. If multiple different files have been imported with the same path or filename, the search can also be done by hash value, if known. Otherwise, the download will always provide the latest file. - Innovative Distributed System