Software Update

The software of a node can be updated semi-automatically.

Two plugins are required for this:

  • NY_LocalSoftwareUpdaterPlugIn:
    This plugin must run on each node that is to receive automatic software updates. The plugin has an API that accepts lists of JARs. It downloads the necessary JARs from the FileStore and installs them. After a reboot of the node, the new software is available.
  • NY_NetSoftwareUpdaterPlugIn:
    This plugin runs on a local node, typically the node where the administrator is seated. This plugin creates and monitors the storage/incoming_jar_lists directory. When the administrator copies a special JSON control file into it, a software update process is initiated that updates one or more nodes with new software and then reboots them.


Here is a tutorial that explains the exact process of a software update. - Innovative Distributed System