public void centerWidget(@NotNull final CWidgetId aWidgetIdToCenter,
                         @NotNull final CWidgetId aWidgetIdBelow);

The centerWidget() method in Java is used to center a widget within another widget. The method takes two parameters:

  1. aWidgetIdToCenter: The ID of the widget to be centered.
  2. aWidgetIdBelow: The ID of the widget below which the widget should be centered.

The method works by calculating the size and position of the widget to be centered. The widget is then positioned so that it is centered within the widget below which it is to be centered.

Here is an example of how to use the centerWidget() method:

// Create two widgets
final CWidget aWidgetToCenter = new CWidget(...);
final CWidget aWidgetBelow = new CWidget(...);

// Center the first widget within the second widget

In this example, the first widget, aWidgetToCenter, is centered within the second widget, aWidgetBelow.

Here are some additional details about the centerWidget() method:

  1. The aWidgetIdToCenter parameter must be a valid widget ID.
  2. The aWidgetIdBelow parameter must be a valid widget ID.
  3. The centerWidget() method does not check whether the two widgets are compatible. It is up to the programmer to ensure that the two widgets can be positioned within each other.
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