The microservice registry message API

These records belong to the microservice API:

Requests of the microservice API

Record Description
CRecordRegisterMicroService Register a microservice.
CRecordGetMicroServices Get all registered microservices.
CRecordRemoveMicroServiceInstance Removes the entry of a microservice instance from the registry.
CRecordGetMicroServiceIds Retrieve all IDs of the registered microservices
CRecordForwardToMicroServiceInstance Send a message to the microservice registry, which forwards it to a desired microservice.
CRecordGetMicroServiceInstance This message is used when you need the address of an instance of a microservice.
CRecordGetMicroServiceInstances This message is used when you need one instance of each of the specified microservices.

Data records of the microservice API

Record Description
CRecordMicroService This data record describes a microservice.
CRecordMicroServiceInstance This data record contains the information about a single microservice instance.

These messages always require the target address of a microservice registry. Therefore, it is usually easier to fall back on the local helpers for microservice in the NY_MicroServicePlugIn plugin. - Innovative Distributed System