The API of the Session Manager

The session manager is implemented in the NY_Session2PlugIn plugin as a microservice (ID = ccf168c1-f18b-4229-85f9-24461a19ee6a).

These records belong to the session manager API:

Requests of the session manager API

Record Description
CRecordSessionLogin This record is used for the login of a user.
CRecordSessionLogout Quit a session.
CRecordSessionValidate This message checks a token for validity. If valid, the user ID and a list of the rights of this user are returned.
CRecordUserDbCreateUser Create a new user.
CRecordUserDbDeleteUser Delete a user.
CRecordUserDbChangePassword Change the password of a user.
CRecordUserDbGetUserRecord Fetch a database user record.
CRecordUserDbUpdateUserRecord Update a database user record.
CRecordUserDbGetUserList Fetches a list of all registered users.
CRecordUserDbAddRolesToUser Assign roles to a user.
CRecordUserDbRemoveRolesFromUser Revoke roles from a user.
CRecordUserDbCreateRole Create a role.
CRecordUserDbDeleteRole Delete a role.
CRecordUserDbGetRoleRecord Fetch a role description.
CRecordUserDbGetRoleList Fetch all available roles.
CRecordUserDbGetRightListForRole Get all permissions belonging to a role.
CRecordUserDbGrantRightToRole Grant a permission to a role.
CRecordUserDbRevokeRightFromRole Revoke a permission from a role.
CRecordUserDbCreateRight Create a new right.
CRecordUserDbDeleteRight Delete a permission.
CRecordUserDbGetRightList Fetch all known permissions.

Data records of the session manager API

Record Description
CRecordUserDbUserRecord A user description.
CRecordUserDbRoleRecord A role description. - Innovative Distributed System