The IIdFactory serves as a factory for classes that implement the IId interface. Currently, 4 different IDs are implemented:

  • the Integer ID for positive integer
  • the String ID
  • the UUID ID
  • the empty ID

You can write your own custom ID classes.

Create an ID

The factory must be able to create an ID from a JAVA object:

@Nullable IId fromObject(@Nullable Object aObj);

Creation of a random value

The factory should be able to create a random ID:

@NotNull IId random();

Reading a value from an I/O stream

The factory should be able to read a value from a DataInput stream.

@NotNull IId fromStream(@NotNull DataInput aStream) throws IOException;

Writing the value to a DataOutput stream is implemented in the class, which is built with the factory (is part of the IId interface).

Return of the type

@NotNull EIdType getType();

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