In nyssr.net, all FileStores register all existing files. These are recorded in the index with their relative path (relative to the storage directory), their name, and their hash value. The hash value allows different versions of the same file to be included in the index.

Usually, you don't need to work directly with the FileRegistry since the FileStore handles this for you. However, for completeness, we document the API of the FileRegistry here.

Automatic addition of entries.

When a FileStore is started, it transmits the relative path, hash, and timestamps of all files in its index. New files added at runtime are also automatically registered.

Automatic deletion of entries

The FileRegistry subscribes to a notification when nodes are terminated (CRecordNotifyRemoteNodeRemoved). All files originating from the FileStore of a shut-down node are removed from the registry.

Execution of the Plugin

The plugin should be executed on a centrally located node of the nyssr.net (singleton).

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