A slot type is implemented as a class that holds other data besides the type.

Each type has a numeric ID (or ordinal value):

public int getId();

A name and a type string is kept ready for the tool support.

public String getName();
public String getTypeString();

A flag indicates whether data in the type is transportable or only available locally in a node.

public boolean isStorable()


CSlotType supports the equals() and hashCode() methods.

Available slot types

Predefined slot types are summarized in the CCommonSlotType class.
The following slot types are available:

ID Name JAVA Type Is storable/streamable
0 EMPTY false
1 BYTE byte true
2 BYTE_ARRAY byte[] true
3 CHAR char true
4 CHAR_ARRAY char[] true
5 BOOLEAN boolean true
6 BOOLEAN_ARRAY boolean[] true
7 SHORT short true
8 SHORT_ARRAY short[] true
9 LONG long true
10 LONG_ARRAY long[] true
11 INT int true
12 INT_ARRAY int[] true
13 FLOAT float true
14 FLOAT_ARRAY float[] true
15 DOUBLE double true
16 DOUBLE_ARRAY double[] true
17 STRING String true
18 STRING_ARRAY String[] true
19 TARGET_ADDRESS CTargetAddress true
20 TARGET_ADDRESS_ARRAY CTargetAddress[] true
21 RECORD CRecord true
22 RECORD_ARRAY CRecord[] true
24 UUID UUID true
26 OBJECT Object false
27 ID IId true
28 ID_ARRAY IId[] true
29 COLOR Color true
30 NODE_ID CNodeId true
31 NODE_ID_ARRAY CNodeId[] true
34 MESSAGE CMessage true
35 BITFIELD CBitField true
36 HASH IDigest true
37 HASH_ARRAY IDigest[] true
38 STRING_PROPERTY CStringProperty true
39 STRING_PROPERTIES CStringProperties true
40 UTC_TIMESTAMP LocalDateTime true
42 LOCAL_DATE LocalDate true
43 LOCAL_DATE_TIME LocalDateTime true
44 ZONED_DATE_TIME ZonedDateTime true
45 WIDGET_SET_ID CWidgetSetId true
46 WIDGET_ID CWidgetId true
47 INSTANT Instant true
48 INSTANT_ARRAY Instant[] true
49 NODE_ADDRESS CNodeAddress true
50 NODE_ADDRESS_ARRAY CNodeAddress[] true
51 SEGMENT_ID CSegmentId true
52 SEGMENT_ID_ARRAY CSegmentId[] true

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